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Blue Frogs Red Breasted Nuthatch
Red Breasted Nuthatch

Blue Frogs Red Breasted Nuthatch

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The Red breasted Nuthatch is a small songbird. The adult bird, pictured here has a blue grey color atop with cinnamon color underneath, a white throat.  The face has a black stripe through the eyes and a straight grey bill with a black crown. This unique, one of a kind wood carving of the Nuthatch bird is hand carved out of Aspen wood and then painted with very fine detail.  After each piece is waxed and finishing detail has been applied, the bird is mounted on a unique piece of driftwood. Variations in color and markings are to be expected due to the natural characteristics of wood. The Red Breasted Nathatch is 5.5" in length & and is on a unique piece of driftwood that curves and makes this piece stand 6.5" tall. With the curve in the driftwood, this piece is 4.5" wide.  

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