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Waterford Crystal Red Bell of Peace

Waterford Crystal Red Bell of Peace

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Waterford Crystal creates the Bell of Peace, this time and for the first time, in a stunning deep red.  Standing 5" tall, this Waterford Bell, atop is solid red with the handle clear.  The deep red color is cased around the handle flowing into the actual bell.  Intricate diamond cuts surround the bell and to the base of the bell, the beauty of the deep red flows to the end. A crystal clapper completes the bell design.   This Bell of Peace is a symbol of the angel of ruby red sorrow to eliminate war and bring us the symbol of peace.Also remember, this Waterford Bell of Peace is also a "Make Up" Bell.  It is a tradition in Ireland to present couples with a bell.  During a disagreement, the first one to ring the bell is ready to make up and end any quarrel that takes place during the marriage and expected each partner will take turns ringing the bell....  Waterford Crystal Bells carry many traditions to enjoy!

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