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Christopher Radko Holding Up 2019 Ornament
Christopher Radko Holding Up 2019

Christopher Radko Holding Up 2019 Ornament

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WOW! What an Ornament!  This Christopher Radko Ornament is magnificent! Four darling penguins are holding up the largest snowball that it takes all of them to raise it over their heads!  Each Penguin stands 3" tall, each wearing bright red and teal Santa hats and scarves to keep extra warm during the cold Holiday Season.  The Snowball is over 4" round and has teal snowflakes all around the ball and a large teal, "2019" date outlined in red is on the snowball!  Everyone knows that this is a dated ornament the penguins are, Holding Up 2019.  The Combined height is 7" tall on this ornament and is 5" wide as it is round!  This Radko ornament can stand alone due to the size and with the flat bottom of all four penguins!  If you collect, dated ornaments, this is one to add to your collections as each penguin is so adorable, doing their job and teamwork to lift the gigantic snowball!  This Radko ornament will arrive in a nice storage box. 

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