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Irish Make Up Bell

Posted by Michelle on 4/29/2017
Irish Make Up Bell
The Irish Crystal Company has a long standing tradition with a simple crystal bell from Ireland.  When the Irish Bell is hand made in Ireland, by Waterford Crystal, Galway Crystal or Belleek China, a special bell has be made especially for a newly married couple.  This bell is called the Irish Make Up Bell.  This bell is to be rung when a couple has a disagreement and wants to end the quarrel.  The first one to ring the bell is ready to make up!  Each partner should take turns ringing the bell and not the same partner.  This Irish tradition has been around for many years.  The bell will come with an exclusive Make up Bell Story that has been told for many years.  

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Date: 4/29/2017
Love this bell!
Tim B
Date: 4/29/2017
This is a great post Michelle.

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