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Tips on Collecting Irish Crystal

Posted by Mark on 1/26/2014
Although Waterford Crystal is the best-known Irish crystal company, there are many makers and manufactures of beautiful Irish crystal. If you plan to build an Irish crystal collection, look for pieces that include both high-quality crystal and top-notch craftsmanship in addition to reflecting the Irish heritage present in every Irish crystal manufacturer.

Irish crystal is a type of leaded, blown glass that is then molded into a shape and cut into facets. To be true Irish crystal, the glass must be both blown and molded in Ireland. When you purchase Irish crystal, check the manufacturer's notes to ensure that every part of the process has been performed by Irish craftsmen. 

High-quality Irish crystal is well balanced and sparkles when light travels through its many facets. Whether you prefer to collect Irish crystal jewelry, glassware, ornaments or other treasures, make sure that each piece reflects light evenly throughout.

Examine your crystal pieces carefully for nicks or chips. Remember that Irish crystal is technically glass, so it has the potential to blemish and break easily. Make sure your crystal pieces are free from these surface blemishes before you add them to your Irish crystal collection.

Although a manufacturer name is often evidence of high quality, you do not need to limit your Irish collection simply to Waterford or Cash's crystal pieces. Combine a few of these exclusive crystal pieces with additional Irish crystal work from other manufacturers. Consider traveling to Ireland to collect crystal pieces from local independent craftsmen as well.

Collecting Irish crystal is a beautiful way to show your appreciation of this unique craft as well as its long-standing Irish heritage. Look for one-of-a-kind crystal pieces to add to your collection, but make sure each piece is of flawless quality and is both blown and molded in Ireland. By doing some research before you purchase your Irish crystal pieces, you ensure you develop the best collection possible.

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