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The founder of Wallace Silversmiths, Robert Wallace was born in Prospect, CT in 1815. He was an apprentice at age of 16 making cutlery.  He discovered a piece cutlery made of nickel called German Silver and was fascinated.  He learned more about this product and decided to invest when he purchased the recipe.  Robert was the first in America to make German Silver and knew to stay on top he must diversify and began making flatware, and Wallace Silversmith was born. 
Over the many years, Wallace has been a leader in Silversmiths.  In 2006, Lifetime brands acquired Wallace which continues to design, sterling, silverplate and stainless steel flatware.  The Irish Crystal Company adds just a few Holiday items to the Store.  If looking for something in Wallace, we will be glad to help.
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Wallace 2018 48th Ed Silver-Plated Sleigh 3
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