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Irish Crystal Company is the premier seller of Waterford Crystal since 1991.

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Retail Location on the Move

Posted by Michelle, Owner on 7/6/2018 to Meet the Owners
Retail Location on the Move
Owner announces move to 151st 

Creating special memories for over twenty years at Irish Crystal Company

Posted by Mark N (Irish Crystal Company) on 1/24/2018
Nothing expresses your emotions like the gift of Irish Crystal. We understand the importance of creating the perfect impression.

Lifetime of Happiness: Crystal Gifts for Newlyweds

Posted by Mark on 11/8/2017
When you attend the wedding of a friend or family member, you want to give the couple something that expresses your love and good wishes for a happy life. Crystal is a traditional wedding gift that is both beautiful and luxurious, and the couple is sure to use it on special occasions for many years. READ MORE

Collecting Swarovski Figurines

Posted by Mark N (Irish Crystal Company) on 10/29/2017
Many people enjoy collecting certain things, but if you have not yet chosen your niche, look at Swarovski crystal figurines. The high-quality crystal used in these figurines makes them beautiful to look at from all angles. While made out of a fragile material, these collectibles are built to last as long as you care for them properly.

When you make the decision to collect Swarovski figurines, it is important to have a designated area in which to put them. You want them to be available to view but safe from harm. Especially if you are starting a collection for a baby, a safe location is key. Shelves hung at an adult's eye level are perfect as are curio cabinets. In your child's room, placing crystal figurines on top of a tall dresser keeps them out of reach but still viewable. 

Take precautions when cleaning your Swarovski crystal figurines to keep them in tip-top shape. To avoid damaging the figurines, do not spray furniture polish onto the shelf where these figurines are displayed without first removing the crystal. When cleaning the figurines themselves, only use a lint-free cloth and warm water. Never immerse your crystal figurines in water; just wipe them down. Think about possibly wearing cotton gloves when cleaning them, so you do not leave fingerprints after cleaning.

Swarovski figurines make excellent collectible items for adults and children alike. Start your baby off by purchasing a crystal pacifier figurine, and give her a new figurine each year featuring something she enjoys, such as a rocking horse or rubber ducky. While fragile, a crystal collection is something beautiful that adults and children both appreciate.

Welcome to the Irish Crystal Company

Posted by Michelle on 10/8/2017 to News & Events
Welcome to the Irish Crystal Company! This is our 26th year in business! Call us at 1-800-783-4438 for your gift selections. Do you know why we started this business? Read More..... Shop By Brand

Swarovski New Arrivals for October

Posted by IrishCrystal22 on 10/1/2017 to Featured Products
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