Christopher Radko 2020 Coca-Cola The Paws That Refeshes Ornament

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Over 25 years ago, the world watched a group of polar bears gather to view the Northern Lights. Overwhelmed by the beautiful skies, the bears took a sip from the original classic glass Coca-Cola bottles clutched in their paws. This iconic commercial was created by Ken Stewart which we still recall today. As a Collector of Radko Ornaments, this registered Radko Coca-Cola Ornament, The Paws That Refreshes is 4" wide and 5.5" tall and is this years, Irish Crystal Company's #1 pick!  These two Polar Bears are on a red Coca-Cola sled, each wearing a traditional Coca-Cola scarf. With darling smiles of happiness, holding a classic glass Coca-Cola bottle, these polar bears have the opportunity to be viewing the Northern Lights during the most wonderful time of the year.  Collect this ornament quickly before it is gone!  This specatular Christopher Radko Coca-Cola ornament will arrive in a traditional box.